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We begin with a fundamental belief in you and your people, knowing that your district and your students can move toward far greater achievement. Everything we do is about greater results. Working together, we design a results system that is yours, not the state’s. We create a student success culture and focus on the key actions that make the difference. Six short phrases capture the essence of the Results First approach. Aim high and focus. Keep it simple. Just do it. Ready...fire...aim. Whatever it takes. Learn as you go.

What We Do - The core of the Results First approach is to engage everyone, adults and students, as active leaders and coaches for higher performance. The way to greater gains is all about three words - Targets, Data, and Action.

  • Targets. We guide you in setting five or fewer aim high district and school targets expressed as the specific percentage and number of students to be raised to a measurable higher level of performance during the year. All teacher targets, SLO’s and growth, converge toward the bigger targets.

  • Data. Data is the constant guide, the GPS, which shows the way to hitting the targets. For many people this a big shift. Now the action - what you do - derives from the data. The right action is that which produces higher student performance.

  • Action. Together we design coordinated action at all four levels - district, total school, teacher team, and classroom. Again, the data guide us. We track results at the school and district levels each quarter and, at the classroom level, all year long.

  • Performance. The clearer and more continuous the focus on data, the greater the results. We look to make most meetings in the schools a meeting about student performance data, where people coach each other through simple questions. Analysis. What do the data tell us, what’s a major area of student shortfall? Action. What are we going to do differently to lift student performance? Assessment. How will we know if our different actions are making a difference?

  • Leadership. Who are the key players? The students as full partners. And all of you, as leaders and coaches for results. Always through teamwork. Students engage and take responsibility for their own results. The students set their aim high targets and track their own progress. You, the results leaders, drive the work.

How We Do It - Results First is two years of collaboration to create the culture and system which generates continuing gains. Districts sign up a year at a time. We convene the new cohort of districts in a July conference and then we're with you on-site for a full day of workshops in the fall, winter, and spring, finished up with another conference in late May. All year long we coach superintendents. Togeher we design and adjust the strategy to hit your targets.

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